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Transforming Identity Management with myBID

Explore how myBID integrates Self-Sovereign Identity, providing tailored solutions for governments and organisations to navigate and secure the digital landscape effectively

myBID Solution

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Endorsed by governments and policy bodies worldwide, SSI is a groundbreaking framework set to reshape digital economies. It offers a secure and user-centric approach to identity management, providing unparalleled levels of usability and safety

Solves data fragmentation issues, making identity issuance a breeze
Streamlines data control, placing power directly in users' hands
Provides unprecedented protection against unauthorised access

Functions of SSI

In the realm of Self-Sovereign Identity, issuers craft digital credentials, holders securely manage them within their personal wallets, and verifiers seamlessly check the credentials' authenticity and validity. All this unfolds in a decentralized setting, putting the user's autonomy front and center.

myBID’s Ecosystem Architecture

myBID Solution

Transaction Execution & Consensus and Universal Verifier

At the foundation of our ecosystem, blockchain technology ensures secure and immutable transactions, guaranteeing absolute security to digital identities. It consists of robust cryptography as well as decentralized key management systems. The universal verifier enables digital identities schemas to be universally verifiable, tamper-evident, with historical logs accessible worldwide.

myBID Across Industries

myBID users (Holders) will be able to store all their verified credentials in their Digital Identity Wallet App. From here, they will be able to instantly share these credentials with any verifier, be it an employer, university, bank, or other institutions that require verifiable credentials.

Social Services
  • Streamlined e-Government Services
  • Digital Tax Filings
  • Direct Disbursement of Government Benefits