$MBID: The Token That Powers the myBID Ecosystem

$MBID is a Solana-based utility token that is both currency and reward incentive that drives the myBID ecosystem.


$MBID Demand Drivers

$MBID's demand stems from its vital role in the myBID ecosystem. It ensures secure and efficient digital transactions, and simultaneously drives user engagement and participation. This dual impact solidifies MBID's importance in digital identity management.

Transaction Fees

Governments and institutions utilise $MBID tokens for service payments in the myBID ecosystem.

Staking Rewards

Users staking $MBID tokens earn interest and share revenue, promoting sustained engagement in the ecosystem.

Access & Privileges

Unlocks advanced features and benefits within the myBID platform, ensuring active and long-term utility of the token.

Dual Impact of $MBID

As a utility token, $MBID is integral to the system's operations, facilitating a range of activities. Designed to ensure a streamlined experience across the ecosystem, $MBID embodies both utility and incentive within the myBID framework.

For Governments & Institutions

$MBID is a key to a seamless digital identity management experience. Organisations use $MBID as a payment tool within the myBID ecosystem. It facilitates essential operations like credential verification, essential for maintaining network efficiency and reliability.

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How Does It Work?

What You See With $MBID

For Users: $MBID is the key incentive to stay active in the myBID ecosystem. Earn $MBID tokens for consistently updating your information, a simple yet effective way to enhance your digital presence. Staking $MBID also presents a promising investment opportunity, diversifying your digital assets. Each interaction with $MBID not only enriches your engagement but also deepens your connection with our evolving digital community.

For Institutions: $MBID streamlines the integration of governments and institutions into the myBID ecosystem, serving as the essential currency. It unlocks a comprehensive range of services and advanced features on the platform. $MBID's role in facilitating straightforward and transparent transactions makes it a key tool for navigating the digital identity landscape efficiently and securely.

What Is Happening Behind The Scenes

Behind myBID's seamless user experience is a complex and innovative technological framework. Each $MBID token is a product of advanced blockchain technology, minted on the Solana blockchain for its exceptional speed and cost-effective gas fees. This not only ensures quick and efficient operations but also provides a high level of security against potential breaches, making $MBID a reliable tool to power a truly reliable digital identity ecosystem.

Furthermore, $MBID's integration into the myBID ecosystem goes beyond mere transactions. It incorporates smart contract functionalities, enabling automated governance and staking processes. This will eventually allow for a decentralized and democratic control mechanism, where token holders have a significant say in the ecosystem’s evolution.

Additionally, $MBID's supply management is meticulously designed to balance the ecosystem's growth with market dynamics. This involves strategic token minting aligned with user engagement and platform expansion, ensuring a sustainable and scalable economic model. The strategic utility of $MBID extends to reinforcing the system's stability and scalability, ensuring that the token's functionality evolves in tandem with the ecosystem's expansion. These intricate details, often unseen by the everyday user, are what make $MBID not just a token but a cornerstone of the myBID ecosystem's stability and future growth.

$MBID Token Allocation

Token Generation Event (TGE) is 160,000,000


Make $MBID Token Yours

Prepare for the digital identity revolution with the $MBID token launch. Stay tuned for its debut and be prepared to take part in this milestone in digital identity through our selected exchange platforms.

Get ready for the $MBID launch at the end of February.


The $MBID Investment Opportunity

Explore the unique investment advantages of the $MBID token. Read our whitepaper to uncover detailed insights into its market potential.