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Making Every
Identity Count
In developing countries, integrating the less privileged into the wider economy can be a challenge.

3.4bn people have IDs that lack any use in digital space.

1.7bn people globally stand to gain access to financial services.

90% potential reduction in customer onboarding costs.

Your Identity.
Our Solution
Empowering Nations with Digital Identity
Identity Hub
Aggregating and encrypting data across systems, the identity hub paves the way for secure nationwide sharing of verified data.
Digital Identity Wallet App
An intuitive digital tool at your fingertips, our Wallet offers 24/7 access, prioritising user experience and privacy.
Web 3 Innovation Lab (W3IL)
A digital incubator/accelerator to cultivate use cases. Empower populations with Web3 skills and fosters innovative ideas.
Identity (SSI)
Experience a new era of online identity with Self-Sovereign Identity, where you are in the driver's seat. No middlemen, no secret tracking—just pure control.
Direct the narrative of your online identity
Strong security foundations for peace of mind
Your data stays private and untrackable

One Platform for All

Instant Identity Authentications
Instant Identity Authentications

Quickly verify your identity for essential transactions, ensuring smooth access to services and information.

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Witness the evolution of myBID's pre-IEO journey, a roadmap showcasing the building blocks of our innovative digital identity solution.

Phase 1 Launch

Early 2018: SSI Research and Development Begins

Our team is one of the first private companies to heavily invest into the research and development of Self-Sovereign Identity.

Oct 2023: Official Website and Whitepaper Launched

We gear up for an upcoming IEO with an enhanced website and whitepaper for early backers.

Q1 2024: Tokenomics Release, Official Nation Announcement and Token Sales

Token sale commences, as well as reveal of our first partner nation in our digital identity mission.

Q2 2024: App Development

Development begins on the first national myBID app, built on our robust pre-existing myBID SSI architecture.

Q3 2024: Rollout

A milestone moment with the rollout of our bespoke national digital identity solution; a real use case for the transformative potential of myBID.

Core Team Members

Get to know the members of our team and what makes us tick.

Datuk Paul Khoo-avatar

Datuk Paul Khoo

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Darren Saw-avatar

Darren Saw

Chief Revenue Officer

Ruzilah Alias-avatar

Ruzilah Alias

Chief Operating Officer

Tan Hui Koon-avatar

Tan Hui Koon

Chief Finance Officer

Paul Agada-avatar

Paul Agada

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Ewe-avatar

Ryan Ewe

Chief Product Officer



Lead Tech Architect

Board & Advisory Members

Rejina Rahim-avatar

Rejina Rahim

Independent Director

Jeff Liew-avatar

Jeff Liew

Independent Director

Dato Loh Eng Wee-avatar

Dato Loh Eng Wee

Independent Director

Jason Lee-avatar

Jason Lee


Tokenomics - Coming Soon!

To access further details, kindly read our whitepaper for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To access further details, kindly read our whitepaper for more information.